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Charell Bos 

Image by Bekky Bekks
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kleine confetti 1.png

Social designer


I am a social designer and I am starting my own design studio called "Confetti Brein" (which translates to "Confetti Brain"). "Confetti Brain" is more than just a name; it is a reflection of my colorful thoughts and ideas that shape my approach to design. I firmly believe that creativity holds the power to reshape our world into one filled with joy, diversity, and positive transformation.

I thrive in the midst of creative chaos, where every idea, much like confetti, contributes to a bigger, more vibrant picture. My aim is to create designs that celebrate the beauty of diversity, honoring the unique qualities that make each of us extraordinary. I see it as my mission to create a world where everyone feels accepted and included, and where joy and happiness are not a luxury. More..

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