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True Colors 

True Colors is a tangible toolkit that supports users in exploring and externalizing their feelings. By pausing and truly starting to feel whether you are experiencing each basic emotion at this moment or not and arranging them based on how present they feel, you create a visual representation of your true colors. You can look at it, move it around, and reflect upon it. Reflecting upon these complex emotional blends helps to accurately label your emotions. The toolkit contains a palette with nine emotion lenses, an emotion lens holder, a template, an emotion cheatsheet with on the backside the tool and template explaination and a true colors pen. 

pen en cheatsheet.png

The palette with the emotion lenses 

The palette serves two functions: first, to store lenses, and second, to indicate which color corresponds to each basic emotion. The front side already has the lenses defined, while the back side allows the user to define and label additional slots using the included stickers. As previously mentioned, each emotion lens represents a basic emotion (as indicated on the emotion cheatsheet). However, there is also an additional lens that users can define as needed. The lenses are abstract, so users can assign their own meanings to them. The lenses are semi-transparent, allowing users to see how the emotions blend together when arranged in the emotion lens holder.

The template 

The notepad template allows users to reflect on their emotions. They are designed in such a way that the user can use them once, tear them out and throw them away, or keep them as a log. By folding the right corner at the bottom, you can keep track of where you left off.


Currently, there are two templates available: “Individual”, which offers open-ended space for users to write down their thoughts and conclusions, and “Guided”, which guides users to identify the emotion they are experiencing, where they are coming from, and reflect on it (See appendix  A). Further development can provide more templates, including ones that can be used in different therapeutic settings.

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