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Design Vision

Growing up with a mentally disabled sister, I witnessed firsthand the challenges she faced in finding happiness and joy in a society that wasn’t designed for her. Her struggles inspired and motivated me to explore how design could bring joy not only to her, but also to many others who may not naturally experience happiness and joy in our current society.However, creating joy goes beyond simply providing enjoyable experiences. It requires using design to create the necessary conditions to be able to experience joy, regardless of their abilities or circumstances.


My personal experiences with depression and mental health problems have transformed my motivation into a passion. I strongly believe that design can, and more importantly, should find solutions for societal problems and work towards creating a more inclusive society. I strive to design solutions that not only bring joy to those who need it most, but also address the underlying conditions that hinder their well-being. 


Ultimately, I believe that everyone is normal, with unique variations that make them who they are. Design should reflect and celebrate these differences. My goal, however idealistic it may seem, is to create a world where everyone feels accepted and included, and where joy and happiness are not a luxury. Design can be used to promote social change towards this goal, even if we have to start small. I’m ready.

I believe that design can have a positive impact on people’s lives and can contribute to a more inclusive society with fewer taboos and more happiness.


achtergrond confetti_edited.png

Design Identity

“A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.” 

– Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh

My goal is to create products, tools, and experiences that have a meaningful impact. I have big dreams, love pushing boundaries and believe that anything is possible. I approach each project with passion and dedication. I love storytelling and I am drawn to researching and uncovering the underlying narratives of users. It’s like solving a puzzle, and I enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles. Despite my strengths, I am also aware of my limitations. I am not afraid to ask for help or support when I need it, and I am always open to constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. This has helped me to grow both personally and professionally.  


My education and personal experiences have shaped me as a designer. Growing up with a mentally disabled sister and dealing with my own mental health challenges have taught me the importance of listening beyond hearing and truly understanding the core needs of individuals. I seek to involve users, experts, and other stakeholders early on in projects. By adopting a collaborative approach, I can co-create meaningful, inclusive, and effective solutions.


In summary, I am a passionate and empathetic designer who believes in the power of design. With my skills, creative mindset, and willingness to push boundaries, I am committed to understanding and meeting the needs of users while working towards social change. I am ready to use design as a tool for positive transformation, creating a more inclusive society with fewer taboos and more happiness.

achtergrond confetti_edited.png
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